"I am ever so grateful for all the support, care and help throughout the programme. From the follow up phone calls, to help with my erratic blood sugars. I can’t thank you enough. I am very blessed to have such qualified team to help me on this journey."

E. Brennan Brisbane
(20 June 2016)

"Since the 1st of May 2015 I have been on the Intensiv Weight Loss Program. Every person has their own reason for starting this journey. For me it was the fact that when I weighed in at 238.7kg, my life was slipping away from me… the simplest of daily tasks were virtually impossible. It was unfair on my wife and my beautiful daughter that simply wanted Dad to be healthy and happy... So I met with Chrissy and she explained the program to me. I thought I can’t do this. But then I realised that I was making an excuse ... the single most important thing I could say to myself was, “This is for me”.

This journey that has seen me lose over 44kg in 19 weeks. How did I do this? Well it was with the support of a lot of people, my wife, my daughter, Chrissy, Libby and Dr Hopkins. ... Chrissy has taught me about the importance of exercise, Libby is a Dietitian but also a great motivator. …The program provides you tools, skills and help but it can’t give you the single most important thing you need, personal responsibility. ... the key ingredient that makes this successful is you and how committed and motivated you are to have a better life.

Is it hard? Bloody hell yes. Is it a magic bullet? No. It is a process to provide you with the tools… My advice is have little goals for yourself. ... If you stumble, don’t give up. Stand up dust off and start again. Each day is a new day. I used to hate a set of scales now I want to see my results and this would not have been possible without Intensiv."

“Great people don’t lead, they inspire you to follow”
A.De Landelles Brisbane
(21 September 2015)

"I have found the Dietitians at Intensiv Weight Loss to be wonderful. The environment is non-threatening and the Dietitians are non-judgemental which is a very big part of my success. I actually look forward to my appointments and the great advice I receive each time helps to spur me on until my next appointment.

The approach is sensible and sustainable and can easily be worked into any lifestyle. With the kind and gentle care I have received I am well on the way to achieving my weight loss goal and am a happier and healthier person than I was only 5 months ago."

Karen of Aspley - Lost 20kg in 5 months
(20 July 2015)

"I can confidently say I have had great success with my weight loss with the support and guidance from the Intensiv team. Their approach to weight loss never made me feel shameful and they were there with answers to all my questions. They have provided me with the knowledge I need to continue on my weight loss journey."

M.Burke Brisbane
(27 September 2010)

"Recently I had to have a major operation and my specialist suggested I try Intensiv to help me lose weight to help with recovery time. I had tried most of the popular diet plans on the market and none were very successful. I found Intensiv easy to use and never had any major cravings. The weight loss each week encouraged me to continue and even though I live in the country I never felt alone in my quest. The dietitians and program manager were in weekly contact offering me advice and encouragement. I lost nearly 9kgs in 6weeks and would highly recommend Intensiv to anyone wanting a kick start to losing weight."

K.Thompson Mackay
(7 September 2010)

"Having decided in November to have surgery to combat obesity (180 kg), my surgeon referred me to Intensiv to lose around 20 kg - or he would not do the scheduled operation in January! I now had the motivation, but it was Intensiv who gave me the tools and support needed to make it a reality. The KicStart shakes and soups were surprisingly enjoyable and importantly easy and quick to make. But the vital ingredient was the supportive staff at Intensiv who clearly genuinely cared for me as a person and not just as a job they had to manage.

Eager to take time to answer my many questions and discuss options, they called me through the week to provide additional personal support. I was especially appreciative when I had not been at my best - the Intensiv team were forward focussing and positive, offering me helpful suggestions which critically helped me to feel encouraged rather than ashamed. I lost 16kg in seven weeks, the operation was an outstanding success, and I now weigh 145kg and feel like I have a second chance at life."

C.Boraston Brisbane
(16 March 2011)

"On the 6th of March 2011, I finished my six week weight loss program with Intensiv. In that time I lost 10.8kg. When I started the program I found it hard to get used to the meals, but after one week I got used to them and enjoyed the meals. After taking a meal I was not hungry. I have no hesitation in recommending the weight loss program."

N.Davis Brisbane
(23 March 2011)

"I have recently completed 6 weeks of your Intensiv Pre-operative Weight Loss programme and found it a great success! I was successful in losing 16.5 kilos in the 6 week period and have never felt better in my life. I had excellent support from the staff. The only regret is that they refused to allow me to continue eating my favourite foods i.e. ice cream, peanuts and chocolate etc and from drinking my favourite beverage i.e. XXXX. :-) Naturally, I fully understand why - after all, it was because of my favourite foods and drink that I had to undertake the programme in the first place!!

Since completing the programme 2 months ago, I have been continuing my exercise (approx 45 mins a day walking) and watching what I eat. This has resulted in a further 4 kilo reduction. The highlight of all of this is.......because of the weight reduction, my medical problem no longer exists, and therefore....no operation!!!! I wish to thank you all at Intensiv most sincerely as you have undoubtedly extended my lifespan. Thank you again.."

R.Wardle Brisbane
(10 January 2011)