Suitable patients for Intensiv weight loss:

  • Overweight patients (BMI >25kg/m2)
  • Obese patients (BMI > 30kg/m2)
  • Morbidly obese patients (BMI >40kg/m2)
  • Extremely obese patients (BMI >50kg/m2)
  • Patients in whom obesity is an impediment to surgery or treatment.

Why Intensiv?

  • Program customised to each patient – not a one-size fits all program
  • High accessibility to program (clinics positioned in specialist medical centres)
  • Qualified supervision and training of consultants, ability to tailor programs and deal with individual circumstances and habits
  • Evidenced based medical weight loss (specialist knowledge of staff)
  • Access to Case Manager at all times throughout the program.
  • Develops patient ownership of program to establish their role as an active member of their weight loss team.
    • 98% of patients believe participating in the Intensiv program was a valuable experience.
  • KicStartTM VLED product has easy compliance and good product tolerance/acceptability.
    • 93% of patients rate the VLED meal replacement products used in the Intensiv programs as good or excellent.
  • Regular communication with patients to offer support and assistance
  • Ease of referring patients – with no impact on the surgeon or GP's schedule
  • Rapid scheduling of patients (within 48hrs of referral)
  • Recognisable brand, company image and rapport with medical professionals
  • First weight loss program with a defined end point (e.g. surgery date).

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